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Used OMODA Cars And More At Group1 OMODA

The OMODA brand is gaining traction in South Africa, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to offer pre-owned OMODA vehicles to our customers as they become available. Additionally, our dealership offers an extensive range of quality used vehicles for sale. Our dedicated team meticulously selects only the finest pre-owned cars to guarantee an exceptional selection. Our inventory includes sedans, hatchbacks, pickups, bakkies, and commercial vehicles, carefully curated to meet the needs of South African motorists. Browse our online inventory or visit our showroom to get a closer look at our pre-owned vehicle offerings.

Used Hatchbacks: Practical and Economical Solutions

Used hatchbacks are ideal for students, families, and price-conscious e-hailing drivers. Our Group1 OMODA team offers well-maintained hatchbacks that provide fuel efficiency and reliability, catering to your everyday transportation needs.

Used Sedans: Quality You Can Trust

Our selection of used sedans has undergone rigorous inspections by our experienced automotive experts. We guarantee vehicles of the highest quality, ensuring a cost-effective and dependable mobility solution for South African buyers.

Used SUVs And CUVs: Embracing Adventure

For individuals seeking a blend of style and functionality, a used sports utility vehicle (SUV) or crossover utility vehicle (CUV) from Group1 OMODA is an excellent choice. These vehicles combine sleek designs, fuel efficiency, and the capability to navigate both urban roads and off-road terrains, providing a versatile and adventurous driving experience.

We Deliver Used Cars For Sale Nationally

At Group1 OMODA, we use our nationwide network of dealers to deliver vehicles to customers throughout South Africa. This extensive coverage ensures that you can find the perfect used vehicle for your needs regardless of your location. Our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience is further enhanced by our national reach, which enables us to deliver vehicles directly to your doorstep.


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